About Household Members vs. Full Accounts

When an active user adds their household members through the Mobile App, these household members do not have full accounts. This means that:

  • They are associated with the household of the active user (e.g. the head of household, for whom you’ve already created a full account)
  • The active users in the household can make bookings for and/or check-in themselves and other household members
  • The household member cannot log into the app on their own
  • The household member doesn’t have a unique QR code


If the household member wants access to the app and needs their own QR code, a Building Admin like yourself will need to either:

  • Convert their Household Member record into a Full Account
  • OR if they haven’t already been added as a Household Member, create a new Full Account user for them


For either case, you will need an email address for the household member, which they will use to sign into the app.


NOTE: We only allow you (the Building Admin) to do this so that you have control over which users can make reservations and check into the pool.

Converting Household Members into Full Accounts

  1. Go to the User Directory
  2. Search the directory for the household you’re looking for and click on a user in that household. In this example, “unit d” and clicking on Steven Miller, an active user in that household.
  3. Now you are looking at a list of all Household Members in that household. Click the Edit button for the household member you want to convert – in this example, Sally Miller.
  4. When editing the Household Member, (i) click YES at the top so to convert them to a Full Account and (ii) fill in their email address with a unique email, then hit Save.
  5. Now this Household Member has a full account and will be able to sign into the app, make reservations, access their QR code, etc.