How to create an Event

Events are a wonderful feature that allows Building Administrators to create and manage events including multiple payment options which can turn your Amenities into money generating assets.  

STEP 1: Select “Events” from the navigation menu

Navigate to the “Events” subtab under the Engage feature in the navigation menu and click on “Events.”

STEP 2: Create a “+New” Event

You will land on the events table. Notice you now see a list of all events which you can see in either “List” or “Calendar” view by clicking on the tabs in the upper-left corner. To create a new event, click on the blue “+New” button in the upper right corner.

STEP 3: Enter your Event details

On the following page, enter your event details information as seen below. Provide your attendees with as much relevant information as possible to ensure a great experience. 

STEP 4: Event Links

One of the most important features of our Events is that we have the ability to link external pages. This feature enables you to connect to either your own or third-party informational or payment pages. By connecting to payment processor, you can offer and track ticketed events. Simply set the price and quantity of tickets available, and link them to our Events page! While we encourage the use of Stripe, you can simply set capacity limits directly through our RSVP Limit option pictured below. Don’t forget to select a custom image that’s intriguing and descriptive, and push the event information to displays around your property if enabled through Linc. Finally, change the status to “Draft” and click “Save.” 

STEP 5: Review

Back on the table view, you will notice that the event has been created and over to the right you see the status as in “Draft.” This is important because once you publish and event, platform users will be able to sign up so it’s always a good idea to save as a draft first and review before publishing. 

STEP 6: Publish Event

Once you have finished your review, click on the edit pencil to the right of the Event under Actions. Confirm Event information. Update the status to “Published” and click “Save.”