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Use technology to build a sense of community and increase your member’s access to the services they expect. Easily manage shared spaces and amenities. Automate front desk and remove communication hurdles.

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Aquatics Facilities

Get rid of the hassle and expense of physical pool passes and reduce the need for gate guards. Members can check themselves in and out via QR codes, consume or pay for additional guest passes, even make purchases from your snack bar — right from the app.

Your members will always be able to know what’s open and available, including any classes you might offer.

Popular Features

  • Purchase guest passes directly within the app with secure credit card payments
  • Check-in and check-out members and guests via secure QR codes
  • Conveniently book water aerobics classes directly from the AmenityLinc app
  • Event customization: add as many pool parties or barbecues as your club can support
  • Communicate alerts quickly and directly with push notifications

Fitness Centers & Gyms

Members can access the fitness facility without needing key fobs or cards—just their smartphone. They can easily reserve equipment in advance, so they can complete their workout without standing around waiting for the machine they need. And they can see all the classes you have available, sign up, and pay on the phone if there’s a fee.

The analytics dashboard is perfect to monitor  how people use your facility so you can make better, more informed decisions with what equipment or classes to add.

Popular Features

  • Equipment reservation on a first-come, first served basis
  • Communicate important alerts to members via push notifications, like machine maintenance schedules or fitness class updates
  • Make and collect secure credit card payments for classes, juice bar orders, equipment reservations, and more
  • Ditch the online calendar — register all classes within the app, then track all your events and attendees in one place

Popular Features

  • Self-service access to shared spaces that replaces physical passes
  • Reach your members with easy communications via text/SMS or email
  • Front desk management
  • Place and track work/service orders
  • For one amenity or an entire portfolio
  • More affordable than our competitors
  • All serviced and supported by North America’s leading lifestyle amenities provider

AmenityLinc is built on the expertise and support of industry-leading amenity and property management services. Anything your property needs, we can deliver.

  • Aquatics facility management, maintenance & staffing
  • Pool construction, renovation, & repairs

  • Equipment sales, installation, & maintenance
  • Fitness center design & consultation
  • Wellness programming

  • Front desk management
  • Property maintenance
  • Janitorial
  • Security

  • Luxury concierge services
  • Fitness classes
  • Event planning
  • Personalized resident experience design


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