Evergreen Meadows Season-Long Guest Passes


Season-Long Guest Passes
$50 / per guest

Guest Rules

A Member must accompany their guests.

1. Guest privileges shall consist of admission and use of the Association facilities. The Member sponsor assumes full responsibility for his/her guests. The Association will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with the use of the facilities.

2. Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as Members.

3. Guests must register at the Guard Office prior to admission.

4. The Manager has the authority to restrict guest privileges whenever deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the facilities.

5. The Manager may restrict or suspend all guest privileges as required, to alleviate overcrowding of the pool or recreation area.

6. Only members that are 16 or older, and those 13-15 that can pass a swim test can bring a guest.

7. Failure to properly monitor your guests can result in a Member’s pool privileges being revoked for the remainder of the pool season.

Failure to obey the above rules will result in denial of pool usage. These rules have been established for your safety and the safety of others.

Click here to download the full pool rules for your records.

Evergreen Meadows permits up to 2 season-long guest passes per household at a cost of $50 each. Please fill out the form below and click "Next" to proceed to the payment page.

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