The Crossings at One Minor Pool Pass Registration Form

Please complete the following form to register any minors in your household only. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the admin office.

Rock Creek Community Pool Access & Household Member Registration 2023

Please complete the form below to agree to the rules for use of the pool. Completion is required before access to the pool can be granted through AmenityLinc. We collect some personal information but it is limited to and does not exceed the required information to operate the pool pass system. Mobile phone numbers are not required but if shared, will be used for notifications such as pool closings due to inclement weather. In the absence of a mobile number, email will relied upon.

Please note: All adults will require a unique email address in order to access your personal pool pass. One adult pool pass is required to check in other household members. All adults will also be required to upload an clearly identifiable photo of themselves to the app for additional verification by the pool staff.

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. All members and their guests are responsible for their actions. The Rock Creek Homes Association assumes no responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or loss of personal property.
  2. All members seven (7) years and older using the pool must exist on the household record in the AmenityLinc digital pool pass. Edits to your Household record must be requested through the management office via the proper procedure before the Rock Creek Pool can be utilized.
  3. Use of the swimming pool and wading pool are for members of the Rock Creek Homes Association, residents, tenants, and their guests. It is the member’s responsibility to be familiar with these rules and to comply with them as well as their guests. For members to enjoy the use of the pool facilities, their dues must be paid in full and up to date.
  4. The lifeguards are in charge of the pool. The Association members and their guests will follow their directions. Fraternization with lifeguards is not permitted.
  5. Upon entering the pool area, members with their guest must sign in with their digital pool pass.
  6. Persons must be sixteen (16) years or older in order to bring in a guest or younger siblings. The sixteen year-old must be able to swim and be responsible. Discretion will be left up to the lifeguard. The cost of a guest is $1.00 per day. Out of town guests, five (5) years and over will be charged $1.00 per day.
  7. Guest coupons are available and can be purchased via the AmenityLinc App. Members are responsible for their guests and must accompany them while they utilize the pool facilities. One household may sign in up to five (5) guests.
  8. All persons must shower before entering the pool. Appropriate swimwear must be worn for pool use; cut-offs and street clothes are not considered swimwear.
  9. No children in diapers will be allowed in the baby pool or the adult pool. Children who are not potty trained must wear protective rubber pants or equivalent so no leaks occur.
  10. No running or horseplay such as: chicken tights, ducking, excessive splashing, diving or general rough housing will be tolerated. No basketballs, footballs, baseballs or any hard objects are allowed in the pool. No cursing or indecent exposure will be tolerated. All of the above are subject to suspension.
  11. Suspension will be enforced by the lifeguards. If a guest breaks the rules, that guest will be suspended tar the rest of the summer. Suspension lists will be posted on the bulletin board. A parent will have to accompany the child back in after all suspensions so that they are aware of why they were suspended.
  12. The baby pool is for children five (5) years of age and younger and these children must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older and remain with the child in the baby pool fenced area. REMEMBER: NO DIAPERS. The baby pool is not supervised by the lifeguards. Older children will not use the baby pool especially during rest periods.
  13. Floatation devices are at the discretion of a lifeguard. Personal floatation devices, (i.e. water wings and doughnuts with attached bottoms or life vests) may be utilized by children in the main pool under the direct supervision of an accompanying adult and the adult must be in the water with them.
  14. All children under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.
  15. No alcohol, glass containers, or gum are allowed in the pool area. Food, cigarettes, or tobacco products are allowed in the designated area only.
  16. No pets, bikes, skateboards, or equipment not related to pool use shall be allowed in the pool area.
  17. Radios must be restricted in volume to a level not offensive to other guests as determined by the lifeguard.
  18. No profanity, spitting, urination in the pool, vulgar or disruptive behavior from member or their guests will be tolerated. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to enter the pool area.
  19. Persons with open sores or contagious diseases will not be allowed in the pool.
  20. Inclement weather or equipment breakdown may necessitate the temporary closing of the pool. This will be determined by the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  21. Recreation passes are not transferrable. Anyone abusing their passes, i.e., loaning it out, borrowing a neighbors, will have their privileges revoked.
  22. Please remember the pool Is for the enjoyment of all homeowners and their guests. Treat the facilities and equipment as it were your own because it is.

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