Residences at Victory Promenade Pool Application 2024

Please visit the property management office, call (703) 385 -1133 or email [email protected] with any questions related to pool use or other changes to the community in 2024.

Union Mills Community Association

Please complete the form below to agree to the rules for use of the pool. Completion is required before access to the pool can be granted through AmenityLinc. We collect some personal information but it is limited to and does not exceed the required information to operate the pool pass system. Property management also reserves the right to send important SMS notifications for announcements such as pool closures due to inclement weather. 

Please note: All adults will require a unique email address in order to access your personal pool pass. One adult pool pass is required to check in other household members. All adults will also be required to upload a clearly identifiable photo of themselves to the app for additional verification by the pool staff.

Pool Rules – 2024 Season

1. The pool shall open 10:00 AM. Saturday proceeding Memorial Day (May 27) and will close at 7:00 PM Labor Day, Monday (September 4).

2. The pool will be open for general swimming seven (7) days a week as follows: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Sunday through Thursday; 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Fridays and Saturdays, Holidays 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. When Fairfax County Public Schools are in session the schedule will be as follows: Schooldays (Mon-Thurs) 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Schooldays (Friday) 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

3. The head lifeguard on duty has the authority to temporarily close the pool for health, safety, or mechanical repairs. Notification will be posted at the pool in advance, time permitting. At his/her discretion, the head lifeguard on duty may also temporarily close the pool when threatening weather conditions exist. When closed due to lightning or thunder, the pool shall remain closed for a minimum of 45 minutes from when last detected.

4. It’s understood that my Homeowners Association dues and any assessed fees must be paid in full before any resident of my household will be permitted to patronize our community pool.

5. Guests at the pool must be accompanied by the deeded owner of the property in the Association or the financially responsible tenant named on the lease.

6. It is also understood that the use of the pool is a privilege and not a right. As the homeowner, I am responsible and liable for the conduct and behavior of all residents listed on my pool application and any guests accompanied by them while at the pool. At any time, the Homeowners Association will revoke my privileges if residents of my household or guests of my household do not properly observe pool rules and policies.

7. Residents agree that their pool pass and/or sticker CANNOT be transferred to or used by any persons other than the member listed on the pool pass.

8. As the homeowner or member, I am financially responsible for any property damage (to include landscaping) at the pool by residents or guests of residents at my household. Mistreatment and abuse of pool property, equipment or bathrooms, will not be tolerated.

9. Abusive and profane language WILL NOT be tolerated at the pool at any time! Members agree and I understand my pool privileges will be revoked immediately if residents of my household or guests of my household are using profane and abusive language.


    1. Only members and their authorized guests, as outlined below, can use the pool. Each resident will be required to scan his or her pool pass to the person on duty. Each Resident and guest are required to sign in prior to admittance to the pool. Members are asked to cooperate and be patient when being processed for admittance. 
    2. For the purpose of pool registration, there exist three types of pool membership:
      1. Resident Member – The homeowner and his immediate family residing in Union Mills. If the homeowner does not reside in Union Mills home, he may (with a power of revocation) transfer his pool privileges to the tenants residing there. In this circumstance, the tenant/head of household and his immediate family residing in the Union Mills home are eligible to register as pool members, and the homeowner gives up his pool privileges. The resident member must possess a valid pool pass purchased by a member.
      2. Guest – A guest is a person that is not a pool member but may use the pool as a guest of either a resident or associate member. The guest must possess a valid guest pass purchased by the pool member. There is a $10.00 guest pass available that allows for 5 visits to the pool per pass. Guest Passes can be obtained directly from the Pool. Single-day/single admittance guest passes are not available. Payment is to be in the form of a check or money order only. No Credit Cards or Cash will be accepted at either location.
    3. The following applies to resident children aged 15 and under in terms of their access to the pool.
    4. If a babysitter must be used to supervise members’ children at the pool, parents must complete a Child Care Authorization Form. Only this form, signed by the parent, will be accepted by management. (Forms can be obtained from the management office or at the pool office). Since the pool cannot be a party to anything which would distract sitters from their appointed duties, sitters may not swim except to accompany children into the pool in 3 a teaching role. The babysitter must be at least 15 years old, familiar with the pool rules, a competent swimmer, a reliable person, and must have a valid pool pass. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children who attend the pool accompanied by a babysitter, as well as for the conduct of the selected babysitter. NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these rules will be made.
    5. Only members’ children may use the pool while attended by a babysitter. No guests may be brought to the pool by a babysitter, and a babysitter may supervise a maximum of three children NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Age Conditional Items
    Infant – 9 Must be accompanied at all times by a Resident Member 18 years or
    older holding an Adult pass or by a designated babysitter (15 or older).
    10-15 Must satisfactorily complete items (1) and (2) listed below to enter the
    pool during the day unaccompanied by an adult or babysitter.
    1. Pass a basic swim test administered by the pool staff.
      The test consists of:
      1. Swim one length of the pool without stopping.
      2. Tread in deep water for one minute.
      3. Float on back for one minute.
    2. Have on file at the pool the Swim Test Indemnification and Waiver
      to attend the pool alone and have a valid sticker on their pool pass.


    1. Guest passes may be purchased for a fee of $10.00 per card and must be purchased in a 5-visit punch card. Single admittance passes are not available. Guest pool passes are only good for one (1) guest per punch on the pass. CHECKS ONLY- NO CASH ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
    2. Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a Resident member (over 18).
    3. Although members may bring guests, it is urged that discretion be exercised when doing so out of respect for the rights of all other members who deserve to use our facilities under normal conditions.
    4. d. In the event that residents will be holding a large gathering at the pool, it is required that the owner/resident complete a pool party application and remit to the Board for review a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Residents will be responsible for any additional charges or costs to ensure the appropriate guard coverage of the additional guests.

    NOTE: All guests are subject to the same rules as members. A member assumes full responsibility for guest(s) and may be penalized for infractions committed by guest(s) at the discretion of the Board. In case of a medical emergency, all guests will be handled in accordance with the instructions of the sponsoring member for his/her family and notification will be made to an adult of the sponsoring family.


    1. No person shall use the pool unless it is officially open and lifeguards are on duty.
    2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on the pool grounds. Pool grounds include the Tennis Courts and the Parking lot located immediately in front of the pool.
    3. No glass containers are authorized in the pool area at any time. Food or refreshment may be consumed only in the designated areas. No food or drink may be consumed within four (4) feet of the pool
    5. Drugs are not permitted anywhere on the pool grounds except as prescribed by a medical doctor.
    6. Pets are not permitted anywhere on the pool grounds. Seeing Eye dogs are exempt from this rule.
    7. Trash or refuse must be placed in trash containers.
    8. Vehicles, Bicycles, and Motorcycles:
      1. Parking – Vehicles will only be parked in authorized parking spaces. No parking is allowed on the grassy areas in the parking lot. Cars will not be parked at an angle or spread over two spaces to minimize door bumping damage. When the parking lot is full and parking is sought on adjacent streets, members and their guests cannot park in front of private driveways, mailboxes, assigned parking spaces, or spaces in front of occupied homes. Bicycle parking must be in any bicycle rack provided or in the immediate adjacent area if the racks are full. When bicycle racks are full and adjacent areas are used, a clear path must be kept open down the sidewalk for pedestrians to walk. Pool parking facilities will not be used as a place to operate engine powered model aircraft, model cars, minibikes, motor scooters, go-carts, big wheels, skateboards, roller skates, etc. Loitering is NOT permitted in the pool parking lot or around the pool at any time. Violators of this rule will be subject to Laws of Trespass, even if a member.
      2. Speed Limit – The speed limit in the pool parking lot for all types of vehicles and bicycles is 10 miles per hour or whatever lower speed is appropriate for conditions. It is requested that members also observe this limit while on the feed road. Violations of this rule may be reported by any member providing all available information. Such reports need not allege a specific rate of speed, but must contain adequate information showing that the speed was “too fast for conditions.” Speed rule violations will be handled like any other violation may result in suspension from the pool and tennis court for the season.
      3. Pool Season (Memorial Day to Labor Day): All vehicles parked overnight in the pool area must be moved out of the pool area by 9:00 a.m. each day. Other than vehicles of the lifeguards and the pool management supervisor, no other vehicles are allowed in the pool parking area between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Violators shall be subject to towing. As of 9:30 a.m. and thereafter during the day until 9:30 p.m. parking in the pool area will limited to pool patrons, residents and guests of residents only.
      4. Right of Way – Pedestrians always have the right of way. Motorized vehicles will always yield to bicycles.
      5. Bicycles and any type of vehicles may not be operated on any grassy area.
      6. Horn blowing is not permitted except as necessary to avoid an accident. Members or guests in the bathhouse or pool compound will not be summoned to waiting cars by blowing vehicle horns.
      7. All members and their guests shall respect the property rights of homeowners in the immediate neighborhood of the pool and tennis court. Lawns of near homeowners will not be used for short-cuts nor will their property be abused in any way. Violations of this rule could result in the suspension of pool privileges as determined by the Board.
    9. Willful damages, destruction or unauthorized removal of pool property will be charged to the member(s) responsible, in the case of children or guests, such costs will be charged to the responsible member(s). responsible member(s) will be required to pay for such damage or removal. If payment is not made within 10 days after written notification, there will be a special assessment added to the resident members’ homeowner fees. Associate members will be billed for the damages. Failure to pay damages will result in suspension for the season. However, payment does not assure that a suspension will not be invoked.
    10. A 15-minute adult swim/safety break period shall be observed each hour. During the adult swim and breaks, all children 15 and younger will remain out of the water and away from the edge of the pool.
    11. If ice cream and soda are sold by the Pool Management Company, they may be sold at break times.
    12. The Guard Shack is off limits to all residents. The refrigerator located in the Guard Shack is also off limits and may not be used by residents.
    13. Lost articles may be examined daily by request to the head lifeguard. Articles not claimed within 14 days will be disposed of at the discretion of the head lifeguard and the Board. The Board is not responsible in any way for lost or damaged articles.
    14. These rules may be revised or additional rules added at any time by the Board. Rule modifications will be posted at the pool along with effective dates.
    15. Residents and guests who violate any of the rules or who have been warned by the guard staff more than three times will be suspended from the pool for one day on the first occurrence, two days for the second occurrence and the remainder of the season for the third occurrence.
    16. Rafts are permitted in the pool at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.
    17. Diving and horseplay are not permitted.


    1. No running, pushing, diving, wrestling, ball playing or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool area.
    2. In consideration of your own health and the health of others, swimming during and immediately following any illness is inadvisable. In particular, individuals having infections of the skin, eyes, respiratory or gastrointestinal systems, open lesions, wearing bandages, or having coughs or colds, will be excluded from the pool.
    3. Hot water showers have been installed for your convenience; all bathers must take a hot water shower before entering the pool.
    4. A foot shower must be taken by anyone entering the pool from the grass area.
    5. Smoking is not permitted on the deck adjacent to the pool, the grass area, or in the bathhouse at any time. Members are urged to comply with this rule in consideration of non-smokers and to assist the pool in meeting the high sanitation requirements of Fairfax County.
    6. Gum chewing or any tobacco product is not permitted on or about the pool area.
    7. Injuries occurring on the pool property MUST be reported to the head lifeguard who will make out a report recording the circumstances.
    8. A Bulletin Board will be maintained for pool, tennis and Association notices only. Requests to post notices will be made to the head lifeguard who will provide guidance by Board.
    9. The control of noise in the pool facilities is essential. The manager, lifeguards, members and guests must help in keeping noise at a tolerable level.
      1. Loud, profane, vulgar or abusive language is not permitted on the pool grounds. Offenders will be suspended for the remainder of the day. One warning will be given.
      2. Individual radios, tape player or record players must be operated at a level which is not objectionable to others.
    10. Children not completely toilet trained must wear cloth diapers and tight waterproof pants or the commercial brand of swim diaper under their swimming suits. This is to prevent accidental contamination of the pool. DISPOSABLE DIAPERS are NOT permitted in the pool.
    11. Face masks (only with approved tempered glass), snorkels, life jackets and fins are normally accepted. The head lifeguard may make specific exception to this rule if overcrowded conditions do not permit their use. Floating devices are limited to adults with children and may be used at the discretion of the lifeguard.
    12. Lounge Chairs and tables are available on a first come, first serve basis. Lawn chairs or tables will be placed so as not to obstruct free access to the bathhouse entrances and the head lifeguard’s office.
    13. Prompt departure in an orderly manner from the pool facilities is essential in order that employees may properly secure for the night.


    1. The pool does NOT furnish lifeguard service at the wading pool. Parents, or those delegated by the parents to be in charge of their children, shall remain physically with children in the wading area. Children delegated to care for young ones in the wading area must be 15 years of age or older. Use of the wading pool is restricted to children ages 5 years and younger.
    2. Children not completely toilet trained must wear cloth diapers and tight waterproof pants or the commercial brand of swim diaper under their swimming suits. This is to prevent accidental contaminations of the pool. DISPOSABLE DIAPERS are NOT permitted in the pool.


    1. All members must help enforce the pool rules by complying with the letter and spirit of the rules themselves.
    2. Direct enforcement of the rules rests primarily with the head lifeguard on duty. The head lifeguard will make on-the-spot decisions regarding health, safety, and operational matter.
      1. Lifeguards will be in easily identifiable uniforms and all members are expected to comply when they are enforcing pool and tennis court rules. For minor violations or repeated minor violations will be handled by the pool management Board at the recommendation of the head lifeguard.
      2. Serious violations or repeated minor violations will be handled by the pool management Board at the recommendation of the head lifeguard or on its own motion. Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, fine, probation or suspension of pool privileges.
    3. The Association will prosecute cases where legally sufficient evidence is obtained, and police assistance will be secured whenever appropriate.


    The Association, its Board of Directors, the Board, and the Pool Management Contractor are not liable for:

    1. Any accident or injury to any person or their property
    2. The loss or damage to personal properties, belongings, bicycles, or automobiles located on or near the pool property.


    1. In the best interests of pool operation, the head lifeguard shall have the authority to refuse admittance to any member or guest if in his/her opinion sufficient cause exists, such as situations which may affect the use of the facilities, or the health and or safety of any resident/guest. The head lifeguard shall immediately inform the Board in writing whenever a member and/or his/her guest(s) is refused admission.
    2. The head lifeguard on duty shall have the authority to temporarily refuse admittance to any member and/or guest when the stated pool capacity has been reached. A sign will be displayed outside the pool entrance indicating the temporary condition and estimated waiting time.
    3. Proper swim attire (swimsuit) MUST be worn at the pool at all times. No cut-offs will be allowed.
      1. Obey lifeguard at all times
      2. No diving
      3. No running
      4. No talking back
      5. No jumping off of ladders
      6. No hanging on rope or volleyball net
      7. Kids must stay away from the edge when break is called
      8. No toys if they become dangerous
      9. No playing rough
      10. No sitting on others shoulders
      11. All children must be under adult supervision at all times in the wading pool
      12. If a child cannot pass the swim test they cannot go beyond 4 feet

    The rules contained herein have been established for protection, benefit and enjoyment of all members and their guest. They were developed to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities, to provide equitable distribution of pool availability for all age groups and swimming disciplines within the community, and to extend the service life of equipment and grounds.

    1. If a child is using floating devices they must be under adult supervision
    2. Pool passes must be picked up when you leave. If passes are left for more than one day the parties may be suspended for one day
    3. Three warnings will lead to being banned from the pool
    4. One child per adult during adult swim. (Only children under the age of 3)
    5. No entry without authorized Union Mills pool passes
    6. In the event of thunder and lightning all patrons must depart the pool area
    7. Lost and found – every two weeks
    8. No profanity
    9. Guards have the authority to remove a patron from the pool at any time.
    10. No food outside the authorized eating area.


    The Union Mills Community Association defines Events and Parties as special events where a portion of the pool is reserved by submitting the attached application fourteen days prior to the event and where special decorations (tablecloths, banners, balloons, etc.) are displayed.

    A resident may reserve the following:

    1. The pavilion
    2. A portion of the pool deck with one or two tables

    The selected area will be reserved for three hours and have reserved signs located to notify residents. Food and Drink may be brought in but may not use any electric or gas. Pan warmers used by caters may be used and must be overseen by an adult at all times. Only two consecutive events will be scheduled per day. The resident reserving the area is responsible for all clean up and rules enforcement. Residents/owners will be responsible for any additional charges incurred by the Association to ensure proper coverage of the pool by lifeguards. The pool lounge chairs and other chairs not associated with the tables are for the use of all pool patrons and are on a first come first serve basis.

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