AmenityLinc is a powerful tool to connect and communicate with residents. To help you get the most out of it we’ve created a number of how-to guides. Explore topics on the right (or below on mobile). If you are just getting started, make sure you have completed the onboarding steps below!

Getting Started

If you have just signed up for AmenityLinc, there are a few important steps you must complete.

1. Set up the system and add users

  • Clicking the black button below to open our AmenityLinc Admin users intake form. Download a copy to your local device and follow the directions.
  • Your Admins will receive the highest level of access. This access is typically granted to the Property Management team.
  • A Building Admin will have the ability to…
    • Update Property and Assets information
    • Create new users, and edit permissions for other users
    • Create Highlights, Events and Announcements
    • Make and manage Reservations / Check-ins
    • View all reporting under Reports & Analytics
    • Edit Work Order Groups and change Work Order categories*
    • Approves Billing for Work Orders – can mark a Work Order as Closed and Billing Verified*

*Applies only if your property has enabled AmenityLinc’s Work Order feature

AmenityLinc Admin User Intake Form

2. Download and follow the Property Information Form

  • Click the orange button below to open our Property’s Information form. Download a copy to your local device and follow the directions.
Property Information

3. Send us your resident data

  • Provide us with your resident/user data which must include: first and last name, household (street address, unit number, or group), email address, and optionally, phone number. You may either send us what user information you have, or use our template below.
  • Once you have completed the AmenityLinc Admin intake and Property’s Information forms, and have compiled a comprehensive list of your resident/user data, send all items to us at [email protected]

Resident/User List