There are multiple User Types that you can assign to specific users in your User Directory. This article will explain the differences in each User Type and provide you with recommendations on when to use them.

Regular Users 

The majority of your users will be Regular Users. They…

  • Can login to the Mobile App
  • Can see any Highlights, Events, and Services on home page
  • Can use the Access Control integration if setup [Openpath]
  • Can make reservations that do not cost money or credits
  • (Only if permissions granted), can make reservations that cost money or credits.
  • Cannot submit work orders.

Tenant Admins

Tenant Admins are a specific user role for your main points of contact for each tenant. They have a higher degree of access to the building application. They…

  • Can login to both Mobile App and Web App (
  • Can book amenity spaces that cost money or credits (customizable)
  • Can see reservation history for all users within tenant group
  • Can submit Work Orders and see Work Orders submitted by others within their tenant group

Building Admins 

Building Admins have the highest level of access to the application. This access is typically granted to the Property Management team. As a Building Admin, a user…

  • Can edit property information, Setup Items, Space Management, and other settings.
  • Can create new tenants, users, and edit permissions for other users.
  • Can create Highlights and Events as well as send Announcements to Users
  • Can make reservations on behalf of tenant regardless of Space rules
  • Can edit Work Order Groups and change Work Order categories
  • Approves Billing for Work Orders – can mark a Work Order as Closed and Billing Verified
  • Can view all reporting under Reports & Analytics

Reservation Manager 

A Reservation Manager is a specific user setting for building team members who only need to see reservation data. This access is typically given to Security Guards or Front Desk managers. A Reservation Manager…

  • Can login to Web App to see Reservations Tab (
  • Can make reservations on behalf of tenants regardless of Space rules

Building Engineer 

A Building Engineer is a specific user for building team members who will process Work Orders. This user role provides a specific level of access to Work Order information on both the Mobile App and Web App. As a Building Engineer, users…

  • Can login to Web App and see all work orders
  • Can self-assign work orders and assign work orders to others
  • Can create a work order on behalf of a tenant
  • Sees all work orders assigned to them or a group they are in in the Mobile App
  • Can leave notes for tenants and invoices on work orders

As a reminder, you can adjust any users User Role by editing their profile in the User Directory.