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An all-in-one, modern solution for your apartment complex, condo community, or homeowner’s association

Multifamily Residential and HOAs

AmenityLinc serves as the central location to connect your residential community to your management and staff. But it’s much more than that — it can also be their key fob, guest pass, work order form, personal agenda, and so much more.

Each resident has access to your property’s mobile app, where there’s no limit to how you can customize their resident experience with premium white labelling options. Communicate news and community events right within the app, then send push notifications to your entire community (or a select custom few) if you’ve got something really important to say.

And if this is only the start of what AmenityLinc can do, just think of how it can clean up your front desk ops. The management dashboard is also your office’s digital newsletter, maintenance log, security locks, event planner — even a legal binder.

Robust analytics power a modern and data-driven interface that helps you make better, more informed business decisions to guide your business and improve your community experience. It’s never been easier to streamline front desk operations via our software dashboard, all while ensuring a 360-degree view of your community’s activities.

Popular Features

  • Customizable app home screen to keep your community informed and up to date
  • Work / service order submission and tracking for seamless maintenance upkeep
  • Secure, keyless access for your elevators, amenity spaces, property gates, and more
  • Real-time amenity monitoring and availability helps your office determine the right amenity mix for your community
  • Send, store, and download all from one place: including liability waivers, consent forms, and even lease contracts

An easier way to track and manage capacity without overcomplicating the sign-in sheet

Aquatics Facilities

Is there enough room at the pool for your friend? What about an extra spot in the morning water aerobics class? Now your members will always be able to know what’s open — whether they’re at home or on-the-go. Keep them happy and give everyone a turn in the pool — adult swim or not.

Our app makes it much easier for your members to customize and control their pool experience. Members can check in and out via QR codes, sign up for water aerobics classes, pay for guest passes, or even make purchases from your snack bar — right from the app.

Popular Features

  • Purchase guest passes directly within the app with secure credit card payments
  • Check-in and check-out members and guests via secure QR codes
  • Conveniently book water aerobics classes directly from the AmenityLinc app
  • Event customization: add as many pool parties or barbecues as your club can support
  • Communicate alerts quickly and directly with push notifications


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Eliminate the annoying feeling of waiting for your favorite piece of exercise equipment

Fitness Centers & Gyms

If you’ve been to the gym, you already know what we’re talking about: the eye-rolling, toe-tapping agitation of waiting for an open treadmill or exercise bike. Or, perhaps it’s not enough space to stretch out in the yoga studio because your classes are constantly overbooked. Yeah, say “so long” to that feeling.

Since AmenityLinc is custom built to your space, it supports your fitness and wellness center with all the programs and equipment you choose to include for reservation capabilities. You can also ditch the cheap, plastic key cards that eventually get lost or ripped apart; QR codes are the easier way to scan in members now.

The analytics dashboard is perfect to monitor and learn which exercise equipment or classes are the most popular among your members. Now you can make better, more informed decisions when it comes time to buy another piece of equipment, or put another group aerobics session on the schedule.

Popular Features

  • Analyze your equipment and class capacity directly within the dashboard
  • Equipment reservation capabilities to save cardio equipment on a first-come, first served basis — just name the time and the machine
  • Communicate important alerts to members, like machine maintenance schedules or fitness class updates, with push notifications
  • Make and collect secure credit card payments for classes, juice bar orders, equipment reservations, and more
  • Throw away the online calendar — register all events within the app, then track all your events and attendees directly within the dashboard

Colleges & Universities

It’s no secret that incoming first-year students expect a nice, clean place to work out. But rock wall or no, times have changed on campus. No one wants to wear their student ID on a lanyard anymore.

AmenityLinc makes it easier than ever for students to check in to your on-campus fitness complex. You can even streamline all your campus event ticketing through our app. With Openpath integration, AmenityLinc can also gate access to your classrooms, lecture auditoriums, music halls, dorms, or any other on-campus building.

Popular Features

  • Check in and out of on-campus facilities with ease
  • Secure classrooms and dorms to ensure a safe learning environment
  • Host student events and provide ticketing all within one app
  • Reserve study halls, dorm commons, and more
  • Notify on-campus students of new packages quickly and efficiently at your fingertips

Private Clubs

When balancing your country club members’ expectations, it’s easy to lose sight of the little things — especially when you’re keeping track of dues and fiscal responsibilities.

AmenityLinc helps you get your entire front office in order, ensuring your club runs like clockwork. Finally, you’ll have a digital solution to automate all your reservation systems. It’s also easier than ever to spread the word to your members and let them know about all the exciting new and upcoming events.

Popular Features

  • Keep track of all your club’s amenity reservations — tee times, dinner dates, spa days, cardio equipment, and more
  • Communicate directly to members either via push notifications or your custom website
  • Conveniently keep track of your members’ dues and fees throughout their annual membership
  • Collect credit card payments at all kiosk locations within your facility to streamline your purchase avenues

Municipal Facilities

Now your Parks and Recreation department will be the talk of the town, and for all the right reasons. Use a seamless solution to manage all aspects of your parks, campgrounds, courts, fields, rec centers, and more.

Getting ready to host a big convention or softball tournament? AmenityLinc helps you stay organized, offering central storage for your critical documents and RSVPs leading up to the big date.

Popular Features

  • Track reservations across unlimited municipal amenities
  • Keep your community up-to-date with a custom website
  • Schedule out an endless number of rec center classes and customize each class’ capacity
  • List social events and track all RSVPs with the event management features
  • Store all your legal documents, like liability waivers and permits, in one digital vault

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