Work Orders Within the cove building experience platform, requests submitted by tenants or building team members are called Work Orders. Work Orders can be submitted, processed, and exported for billing within the system. Work Orders are viewable to tenant admins, building engineers, and building admins from both the Mobile App and Admin Dashboard.

To learn about work orders, we recommend the following articles:

  1. Submitting a work order Step-by-step instructions on submitting a work order and the description of the various fields associated with a work order.
  2. Assigning a Work Order: Review how to assign a work order and what a Work Order assignment means.
  3. Processing a Work Order: Review the different statuses for a work order and how to process the work order.
  4. Closing a Work Order: Step by step instructions for processing a work order after the work has been completed through the Billing and completion steps.


There are additional articles to help explain Work Order Notifications, Bulk Assigning, Changing Work Order Statuses, and how to use and run Work Order Reports.