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The future of amenity operations

We listened to what property managers actually needed, and built an app that can handle all aspects of day to day operations, putting the power into the hands of your residents to help themselves. Get back to doing what you do best, and let AmenityLinc handle the rest.

Popular Features

  • Automated check-ins that replace the need for pool or gym passes
  • Reach all your residents with communications via text/SMS or email
  • Mailroom package management and handoff
  • Place and track work/service orders, even across multiple properties
  • Event & class management
  • Self-service registrations
  • Head’s up display of property events
  • Payments in the app via Stripe
  • Access control


Million ft2 of property managed

Completely transformed my job. I used to spend the majority of my time managing details… now I can focus on the needs of the property & tenants as a whole.


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