At AmenityLinc we don’t just offer technology, we offer experience. We understand the value of great people, which is why we proudly partner with vendors and employ exceptional people who have extensive experience in both amenity and property management.

Technology VS Policy?

We understand that the best technology is only as good as the policy that supports it. We also understand that bringing on new technology requires effective change management. We’ll help you to understand your unique onboarding challenges, and advise you on the best policy and practices to enable your AmenityLinc implementation success. 

Will my management staff need tablets for check-ins?

Tablets are not required. Tablets are most effective if your property is interested in self-managed check-ins and are a cost efficient solution for instances where a computer is too big, expensive or impractical to set up. No matter your needs, we’ll help outfit the right solution. 

Will my management staff need scanner guns for AmenityLinc package management?

Scanner guns are not required. Scanner guns are recommended to offer increased data capture and accuracy, particularly for busier package management operations.  

What tablets does AmenityLinc recommend for Check-ins?

AmenityLinc’s preferred vendor is Apple, but works equally as well on Android, Chrome, and Amazon Fire Devices.

How does AmenityLinc recommend securing tablets?

Our Strategic Solutions team will partner with you to source the right amount of security at the right price for your property’s budget. 

Does AmenityLinc offer customer support?

Every AmenityLinc customer is automatically enrolled in our self-managed support package, and will have access to our entire library of video tutorials, quick reference guides, and newsletters. While AmenityLinc intentionally separates itself in a crowded market of property technology by focusing on beautiful, intuitive design- simple enough for anyone to pick up without training, we understand how important it is to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a real person who knows the technology and understands your industry’s challenges. And that’s why we proudly staff a customer success team that is intimately familiar with both. Interested in learning more about our premium support package? Contact us to find out how we can help. 

Does AmenityLinc provide on-site staff?

Not only does AmenityLinc provide a comprehensive amenity management software, but we can provide concierge, maintenance, security, and janitorial staff through our partners at Reach out to find out if we service your area. 

Does AmenityLinc require Wifi?

AmenityLinc requires access to either cellular service, wifi, or wired internet as it is a cloud-based service. What does that mean for our users? No hardware = no crashes. 

Does AmenityLinc need marketing support?

Every new AmenityLinc customer will be provided with our basic marketing package which includes everything you need to successfully launch and onboard your property. Interested in additional marketing support to support your year-round operations? We’ll work with you to support your move-ins and out, events, and all property communications. Reach out to learn more. 

How many tablets, scanner guns, etc will we need to purchase for AmenityLinc?

Every customer’s needs are different and AmenityLinc will work with you to design your workflows around the hardware you have. Interested in expanding your technology assets? We’ll work with you to source the right mix of technology to streamline your operations.

Does AmenityLinc integrate with financial accounting systems?

AmenityLinc currently offers seamless integration with Stripe. Have additional requirements, contact us to discuss your unique needs. 

What access control systems does AmenityLinc integrate with?

AmenityLinc integrates with a variety of access control systems. Openpath and Kastle Systems are some of the most popular systems among our current customers. Reach out to find out more about how we can work with you to integrate with your preferred vendor. 

How much does AmenityLinc Cost?

AmenityLinc software and support solutions range in price depending on the features and support packages selected. Our entry level package starts at $1 per door. 

What type of community is AmenityLinc right for?

AmenityLinc strongly believes in its vision of making “Amenity Management, Simply Managed.” We frequently hear from our customers that they find our solution easy to use and it provides real value for connecting amenities, vendors, management and the residents all into one seamless experience. Don’t take just it from us, keep scrolling to see what our customers are saying!

“I have nothing but good things to say about AmenityLinc. With over a thousand units and multiple communities to manage, we needed an easier way to help residents. It’s not only more convenient for us, but our residents too. Since we started using AmenityLinc two years ago, we’ve had zero complaints and the residents love it!”