Woodcreek Neighborhood Association 2023 Early Bird Lap Swim Waiver

Swimming under this waiver releases all other members of the Woodcreek Neighborhood Association, Woodcreek Neighborhood Association Board of Directors, Swim Club Management (S), FirstService Residential (Management), and Wake County from any responsibility in the event of any injury incurred while swimming when the pool is closed and without lifeguards on duty.

Swimming under this waiver is also subject to all inclement weather conditions as described in the Woodcreek Neighborhood Association Pool Rules which can be found on the Woodcreek website.

By signing this waiver, and by my initials after each statement, I certify that I have read and understood each statement and rule, and that I will lose early access privileges for any infraction of these rules. I fully understand that I am responsible for complying with the 2023 Pool Rules in addition to this waiver.

Additionally, I certify that:

  • I am a member in good standing with the Woodcreek Neighborhood Association for use of the Woodcreek amenities, and I am at least 18 years of age or a mature, proficient swimmer. (If under 18, parent or guardian’s signature is required)

  • I am swimming totally at my own risk and will pay for any injuries or disabilities suffered while the pool is closed and without lifeguards on duty.

  • I understand that swimming alone is strongly discouraged, and that it is highly recommended that I have another person with me while swimming. I also understand that this person must also be a Woodcreek resident who has signed their own waiver.

  • Prior to swimming, I will check the pool phone for a dial tone to verify its operation. Pool phone is located on the wall next to the bathrooms. I understand that I cannot use the pool if the phone is not working.

  • I understand that this time is not free swim time and is to be used for lap swimming only. I will not enter the lazy river or use the waterslide.

  • Entry to the pool requires a working access card. I will not hold open the gate or admit any person who does not have a working access card.

  • I understand that no one other than members of Woodcreek Neighborhood who have signed a waiver are authorized to be inside the fence of the pool facility at any time during lap swim.

  • No one without a waiver on file is permitted inside the fence of the pool facility at any time during lap swim.

  • Pool Chairs and tables may not be saved for later use. I will not leave towels or other belongings behind, or in any way save seats or tables for myself or anyone else for later use.

  • I understand that any violation of any of the above rules can result in immediate termination of early access privileges.

Please complete the form below to agree to the rules for use of the pool. Completion is required before access to the pool can be granted through AmenityLInc. By submitting this form you agree to all terms and conditions of use.

Waiver Form

By filling in your name and submitting this form, you agree to all terms and conditions of the Early Bird Lap Swim Waiver.
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