Once work is completed for a work order, the final review and billing process begins. Use this time to add materials and labor and confirm the ticket can be considered closed. If charges have been applied to a ticket, follow the steps for billing verification and invoice submission.


  • Once a work order is “Done”, the process to close the ticket can be completed by a Building Admin user 
  • Click into the “Work Orders” tab in the Admin Dashboard
  • Click on the “Review & Billing” tab
    • To Close: Here are the “Done” tickets that need reviewing to verify completion and, if applicable, Materials and Labor charges are added under their respective tabs
      • If no charges are added, the ticket is complete and the status is changed to “Closed”, and the ticket is moved to the “All Work Orders” section.
      • If charges are applied, move to the “Billing Verification” tab.
        • Once charges are reviewed, update the “Billing Verification” status of the ticket to “Verified”. 
        • All billable work orders that are closed and verified will move to the “Closed and Verified” folder and are ready for billing export.
    • Closed and Verified: Select the tickets by clicking on the small box of the WOs that need to be billed in a billing period
      • Select the “Action item” button on the top of the table and export/download the necessary reports needed for billing.