Create customizable emails straight from the dashboard!

This is one more communication tool to help you create the best tenant experience possible. 


  1. Navigate to the announcements page and choose “new announcement.”
  2.  Select “Send as Email (Email Builder)”



We have pre-loaded a template into your dashboard as a starting off point and a way to explore and customize. 

  1. Choose “Welcome to Beautiful Emails” from the template drop down.
  1. Use the tips below to edit the template to make it fit your needs.

Layout Notes: 

  • There are three main sections in the editor side panel on the right: content, rows, and settings.
  • Emails are built in blocks.
  • Drag and drop content from the editor side panel into each block.

Editor Side Panel: 

Drag and drop these into the email blocks to create new types of content. 

Editing Text Blocks: 

  • Click on the text section you would like to edit and the editing menu will appear.
  • From here you can change the text, font, and colors, and add links.

Editing Image Blocks:

  • Click on the image you would like to edit and the editing menu will appear. 
  • From here you can change the image, alignment, size, and external links from each image