Step 1: Prepare your data

In order to upload your resident information, you will need to prepare the data you have and format it for our system. Here is the data you will need:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address (if an adult)
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Unit # / Household ID (required if you want to tie together members of the same household)
  • Birth Date or Child/Adult designation
  • External ID (optional)

The most important data points are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. The additional data points are dependent on how you want to setup your reservation system.


Within the system, there is the option to setup households and to designate different residents as “Child” and “Adult”.

Residents who are members of the same household can book reservations on behalf of other household members. Meaning if you put the same household ID for two adults and one child, the adults can book a reservation for the child as well as the other adult in the household.

If your current resident information already has household IDs (this could be an address or unit number), you don’t need to make any adjustments. If your resident information doesn’t have a household ID designated but you want to use the household feature, we recommend that you assign a household ID to each unique household.


Within the system, you can also designate users as CHILD or ADULT.

must have an email address email address not required
can login and book reservations cannot login and book reservations

Because users designated as a CHILD cannot login or book reservations, it is best to associate them with an ADULT user using the Household ID.

You can determine the definition for CHILD based on your property’s policies.

There are two methods by which you can designate your residents as either an ADULT or CHILD.

(1) If you have your resident’s birth date data, you can simply use this information in our template document to calculate if the resident is a CHILD or ADULT.

(2) If you do not have this data, you will need to manually designate each user as either an ADULT or CHILD.

If your current resident data does not include information about children in each household unit, we recommend uploading the adult residents first and then collecting information from your residents about the children within their household. You could ask residents to report children associated with their household using a survey or by coming to the property management office. Once you’ve completed the upload of residents, you’ll easily be able to add new users in the system either through an additional upload or by adding individually.

External ID

If you are exporting your data from another system, it may be useful to carry over the ID used by that system. This is optional.

Step 2: Transfer your data to the template

Once you have prepared your resident data, the next step is to transfer that data into the provided template. To do this, go to the Users menu on the left-hand side, then select Upload.


On the Upload page, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for using the Template.

(1) Click “Download CSV Template.” This will open up a link to a copy of the template in Google Sheets.

Click Make a copy.

From here, you’ll see a tab called Instructions. This tab will walk you through exactly how to setup your Resident List.

The first step is to set your definition for CHILD. You can do this by entering the specific age for what designates a CHILD.

If you do not plan to upload any children, set this to 0 and all residents will be labeled as adults.

(2)  Next, take your prepared data and copy it carefully into the Resident List by matching up your columns with the columns in the template.

If you are including birth dates, please note that the CHILD/ADULT designation column will update automatically based on the data you enter. However, if you are adding more than 1,000 records, you will need to drag down the formula. Review how to do this here.

(3) Once the file is ready, you will then need to Export to CSV. Before doing this, we recommend checking a few items.

Check List: 

  1. Review your data to ensure all ADULTs have an email address. This field is required.
  2. Use “Find” to identify if your data has any commas. A CSV file separates data using commas so please remove any commas that are within the data itself. For example, if someone’s name is “Smith, Junior”, you need to remove the comma between Smith and Junior.
  3. If you’re using the CHILD designation, make sure you have pulled down the formula to populate all records.

Then, export the Resident List to a .CSV file.

Step 3: Upload your data to the admin dashboard

Once your file is formatted as a .CSV file, click on Upload User List CSV. 

Choose the file from your desktop and click “Continue”. This will begin the upload. You can track the progress of the upload. The system will skip any users already in the system.

Once complete, your resident information will now be in the system. You can view them on the Users tab.