Both Engineers and Building Admins have the ability to view and process work orders. Track progress every step of the way so that you, your team and your tenants know when work is done.


  • Submitted: A new request has been submitted
  • Accepted: An engineer has accepted the work
  • In Progress: Work is being done to resolve the issue
  • On Hold: Work has paused until further notice
  • Done: Work to resolve the issue has been completed
  • Canceled: The ticket is closed without completion and no longer needs to be done
        • As progress is made for a work order, notes and photos can be added to the ticket and can be shared with the “internal team only” or sent to the requestor to provide updates or feedback.
        • The requestor may also submit notes with additional information or questions.
        • All activities and notes are recorded on the work order.


    Mobile View: 



    Desktop View: