When an issue arises, whether you are on the go on your app or in front of your computer, you can easily submit new work orders. As a Building Admin or Building Engineer, you can also submit tickets on behalf of a tenant. Include all necessary details and upload supporting images or documents.

  • From the “requests” tab on the App, click on the “+ New Ticket” button
    • or the “Work Orders” tab in the Admin Dashboard, click on the “+ New Ticket” button
  • Choose the category of the service request
  • Complete the form filling in the tenant, who it’s being created for, and the location. You can choose not to select a tenant or fill in the “Created For” field. Whoever is listed in “Created For” will receive notifications about the work order as it is processed. 
  • Describe the details of the request
  • Optional: Upload images or documents that may be helpful in understanding or solving the issue
  • Optional: Assign the ticket to the responsible engineer
  • Click “Submit Request” 

Mobile View:


Desktop View: