Announcements are a great way to send timely, important information to your residents. You can send messages via email, text or Push Notification from the Admin Dashboard. We recommend only using the Announcements function when you have important or urgent information to share; otherwise, Highlights are a great way to share content with your residents.


Step 1

Click on ” Users” on the left-hand menu. This will take you to your list of uploaded residents/users.

Step 2

Either select all users by clicking the check box at the top of the table or individually select the users you would like to contact by clicking the check box next to their name.

Step 3

Click on “Action…items” and “Send Announcements” then select the method by which you’d like to send your message (Email, Text, or Push Notification). On the next screen, fill in the message you’d like to send and click “Continue”.

Step 4

Click on the ” Begin Sending” button. This will send the message to all of the selected users. If you need to review your sent announcement or past announcements, you can view these on the Announcements tab.

**If you haven’t uploaded your Residents yet, please first do that by following the process steps here.