If you need to suspend a specific user or mark them as inactive, follow these instructions. Note that suspended users will no longer be able to login to the Mobile App or make reservations.

Change Account Status

  • Navigate to the User Directory and search for the user you need to suspend.
  • Click on the Pencil icon in the Actions column next to their name. This will bring up the menu to Edit the user’s information.
  • Select Suspended from the Account Status dropdown and then click Save.
  • You should now see the status as red, “Suspended”, when looking at the user in the User Directory.

Move User out of an Active Household

If a user needs to not only be suspended but also removed from an active household, follow these simple steps.

  • Complete the above steps to suspend the user account. Then navigate back to the menu to Edit the user’s information.
  • While on their Edit User page, add a new household to the system called “Moved Out” or “Suspended Users”.
  • Then select the “Moved Out” or “Suspended” household from the dropdown. Assigning your user to the new household. This will ensure the suspended user is no longer associated with an active household account.